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Established in 2013, the Westside Suns are a rapidly growing club that compete in our local Basketball Association on Saturdays. 

In the early days, the club registered teams made up of a number of monikers including the Ardeer Angels, Ardeer Devils, Bullets, Devils, Eagles, Excel Knights, Kings, Lakers, Magic Eagles, Purple Magic, Raiders, Sonics, Suns and Wolves.

Over time, three monikers became most common across the club - Eagles, Kings and Suns. At the commencement of the Summer 18/19 Season, the club committee endorsed a proposal to move forward under one moniker, the Westside Suns, to be gradually implemented over two calendar years. 

Since then, the club has grown significantly to 73 teams. The club has teams entered into every age group and division, from U10 through to U18 boys and U19 girls.  

The growth of our club has only been achievable through the hard work of all the clubs volunteers who have given their time over the last eleven years to help deliver such an amazing outcome.



Kris Nicholson



Sonya Slater

Vice President

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Erin Menzies



Tina Nguyen

General Member


Lian Foster

General Member

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General Member

Get Involved

The Westside Suns Basketball Club, a family-friendly and all-inclusive organization, provides grassroots basketball opportunities for local children solely through volunteers. The committee welcomes individuals keen to contribute time or expertise. Reach out if you're willing to get involved!

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