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3x3 Basketball Program

Westside Suns is excited to announce the return of our 3x3 Basketball Program.

The program will initially cater for 2016 and 2017 born girls and boys. Each session will provide a 20-minute skills training block, before players participate in a 3x3 game of two x 12 minute halves on lowered rims.

Each half-court game will have a coach overseeing the game and helping the players to develop basic basketball skills and game sense.

The program will run for 8 weeks from Saturday 15 July, and is priced at just $50 thanks to the on-going support from RCL Group. 




Session #1: 2016/2017 born Boys (0930am - 1020am)

Session #2: 2016/2017 born Girls (1020am - 1110am)

Session #3: 2016/2017 born Boys (1110am - 1200pm)

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